BIM Smooths the Way on Tough Terrain

Sung Hung Kai Properties finds BIM model helps overcome challenges of building luxury housing on challenging hillside site.


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited

Scheduled Time of Completion


Services Provided

3D Modelling
Design Coordination
Clash Analysis
Construction Simulation


Planning and
explaining site formation

Forida Limited prepared a BIM Execution Plan spanning identification BIM work scopes; setting up the BIM roles of different parties; identification of BIM tasks at different stages: setting up BIM Milestones in accordance with main project activities; and proposed workflows for BIM and information exchanges.

Tracking and
resolving issues on site

Forida Limited used issue management within Revit software – tracking and resolving issues on site, or requesting more information; Our team could visualise changes, and give feedback – Kenneth Lau, Forida Limited


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