What is BricsCAD®?

A set of professional CAD and modeling tools made for designers, innovators and engineers. Without compromise.

  • Design Platform
  • 2D Drafting
  • 3D modeling
  • Civil & Surveying
  • Point Clouds
  • BIM
  • Mechanical

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Powerful design platform

BricsCAD is a modern, high-performance DWG-based CAD platform that accelerates your 2D & 3D design and drafting workflows.

  • BricsCAD downloads and installs quickly, offering familiar CAD tools that will have you working comfortably in an hour
  • Innovative AI-powered features in BricsCAD can help you go from design to deliverable in record time

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Robust 2D drafting

Quickly create the detailed drawings you need to turn your designs into reality.

  • A familiar drafting experience that delivers command, script, macro, and menu compatibility with the industry-standard CAD software
  • BricsCAD LISP provides familiar customization capabilities, a visual editor and the highest overall performance

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Solid 3D Modeling

Innovative 3D modeling tools de-risk the move from 2D to 3D.

  • Leverage what you already know to move from 2D to true 3D design
  • BricsCAD supports push/pull Direct Modeling, feature-based modeling and high-performance parametric modeling tools, so that you can work the way you want

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Civil & Surveying design

BricsCAD offers innovative civil and survey tools to accelerate preliminary design work for bidding and concept development.

  • Create lightweight terrain models without compromising on accuracy. With BricsCAD you can import point clouds and use our filtering tools to create an optimized TIN surface
  • Foundational out-of-the-box tools for grading, volume calculations and site design

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Point Clouds for building

Rapidly import and process point cloud scan data, to visualize as-builts and guide 3D model creation.

  • BricsCAD delivers rapid point cloud pre-processing and visualization of all standard point cloud formats
  • Create hybrid representations using point cloud data with 2D and 3D CAD geometry in a single file

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BIM tools in native DWG

Experience the power of professional 3D BIM tools, all within a familiar DWG-based system.

  • Move to a true open BIM workflow in hours, not weeks
  • Innovative AI-powered tools accelerate modeling, structural detailing, construction and fabrication processes

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2D and 3D Mechanical design

Reduce time-to-market with BricsCAD’s advanced mechanical toolset, built on our familiar CAD platform.

  • Powerful 2D drafting tools speed the creation of mechanical layouts, details and production drawings, all in a familiar user experience
  • Import and edit virtually any 3D design without complex history limitations using the innovative direct-modeling tools
  • Quickly convert 2D or 3D designs in presentations, assembly instructions, or complete and accurate production drawings

Make BricsCAD your own

BricsCAD offers a rich application ecosystem and powerful customization options to supercharge user workflows

Add industry-specific toolsets with 3rd party applications

Extend your design reach with hundreds of industry-specific solutions that run on BricsCAD.

Build on BricsCAD via LISP, .NET or BRX APIs

Design and build your own workflow automation tools using BricsCAD’s compatible APIs.

Automate everyday workflows with LISP

Reuse existing or create new LISP routines to bring new power to your workflows in BricsCAD.

Work the way you want in BricsCAD

Customize menus and user interfaces, migrate legacy customizations from AutoCAD®, or use a BricsCAD’s pre-defined workspace.

Interoperability without compromise

BricsCAD lets you exchange design data freely across all project stakeholders and all major file formats.

Available for Microsoft, Mac an Linux logos

Default supported file formats
*included in BricsCAD Lite, Pro, BIM, Mechanical and Ultimate

Extra BIM file formats
*included in BricsCAD BIM and Ultimate

Extra 3D & Mechanical file formats
*requires an extra-cost module Communicator for BricsCAD

Out-of-the-box integrations
*Vault and Projectwise require BricsCAD Maintenance


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